fourth and final year

Its insane how fast these four years have flown by.

Now I am in the midst of prepping to graduate and doing the necessary preparations to do so; putting my portfolio together, having our headshots taken for our grad book and website, finishing our personal portfolio websites, making our own business cards, postcards, and stickers and getting everything together for our big grad show on April 8th. My to-do list keeps expanding as things are added onto our plate to make everything perfect on the day of the show.


At the same time I am trying to figure out what is going to be happening after graduation, and where I can see myself fitting into the real world. I know illustration is my passion, but I’ve heard most illustrators take places in design firms and do freelance on the side until they can build themselves up to enough to do that alone. I know Vancouver is filled with opportunities, so its in my hands to go and find them! Im excited and nervous to see where I end up in the end, and how my path will change over time.

Stay tuned..