Getting placed for my practicum

It has been a long week and I cannot believe the search is over. I have finally found the perfect place for me to spend my 8 week practicum at!

My calendar was getting very full as I had scheduled 7 interviews out of the 10 applications I sent out for my practicum. It was such a great experience getting to go around to these different creative places and meet so many different people in multiple professions and learn about the industry. It opened my eyes as to what is available to me and what people are looking for in my field.

Every experience on its own was unique and I learned so much out of each. I also learned a bit more about myself and what I wanted to get out of it as I learned what was available to me.

As a freelance illustrator and also aspiring to do that in my future I had always heard that the easier way was to be working in an agency or be the illustrator for a company. Throughout my interviews I found when I asked where they got their illustrations from most of the time the answer was “We source freelance illustrators usually from instagram”.

When I went for my 7th interview with Chairman Ting I had a really good feeling that it would be the place for me. I had previously contacted Carson (the owner) a year before asking if he would consider me for a practicum and when I emailed again with a follow up a few weeks ago him and his lovely assistant Aiken were eager to meet me and happy to accommodate me in their studio for my practicum. I felt comfortable being myself and being able to talk about what I would like to get out of the practicum. The whole creative team was so lovely and I could tell the dynamic between them was strong and that working around each other is what helped them produce amazing work. We decided right there that we wanted to work together and I left with a great feeling of accomplishment having gone through so many interviews.

Looking forward to my practicum in February!

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